Weddings can be hard work- from the planning to the execution.

That’s why the decoration, specifically flowers, would be a quintessential part of one.

Today, we’ll be touching on this topic and the most popular flowers as of 2017.



Quite expectedly, this flower has been known for its romantic and beautiful properties. Roses come in a vast range of colours and species; also, they can be presented in different numbers. Their meanings, likewise, vary.

Their meanings can be found here.

Although, the ones that would conventionally be used for weddings are

  • spray
  • hybrid tea
  • garden


These bunched flowers which boast its eye-catching flowers are indeed speaking of amorous intent and charm. Generally, they express gratitude and thanksgiving to someone else, heartfelt and honest emotions as well as a brewing depth of a relationship.

Baby Breath

Wispy, radiant, gentle, these flowers are simply a perfect fit for a wedding. They represent the very essence of a sturdy relationship and allowing love to encompass you, as they speak of everlasting and undying love in addition to self-discipline and ability to stay focused on love.

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