After confirmation with a comfortable timing, you can conduct discussions with our artists so they can gain an understanding of your personality, physical features and proceed to construct a look that will fully encapsulate your essence in the celebratory spirit and occasion.
Our makeup artists are well versed with fashion trends and can help to incorporate that into your bridal look, as well as give suggestions as to what will most suit you. On the other end of the spectrum, if you wish to go for more unique and original look, our artists are also fully capable of helping you achieve as such. You can gain greater insights into what kind of look you would want by checking our blog out. This look requires various fundamental aspects such as the face, eyes, lips, and hair which we have, for the most part, covered on our blog.
You can also equip yourself with ideas of desired hairstyles beforehand. These ideas allow our artists to gain a much better perspective of who you are as a person and what you're striving for on your big day. They provide valuable insight and improves our artists' composition of your desired look. Hair accessories will also arise in the conversation, which plays a major role in accentuating the texture, color of your hair and facial features.
From this point onward, our artist will then assess the combination of both the makeup and hairstyles to ensure the weave into each other seamlessly.




1 hairstyling & makeup
1 pair of fake eyelashes
1 trial 
1 serum

wedding day


1 hairstyling & makeup
1 pair of fake eyelashes
1 trial 
1 serum

wedding day & lunch


1 makeup
1 cosmetic touch up
2 hairstyling 
1 trial


wedding day & night


2 makeup
2 hairstyling
1 hairstyling
cosmetic touch up for groom

No wedding is complete without a method of commerating those precious moments.



1 hairstyling & makeup
1 pair of fake eyelashes
1 serum


2 hairstylings & makeup
2 pairs of fake eyelashes
1 serum


Early morning (before 6 am)

Split day



2nd March in styling

all prices reserved for 2018
package excludes morning surcharge

Learn more about our process.


After contacting us, you can schedule either choice with us.

Choice 1Choice 2
Consult + Trial on the same dayConsult + Trial on two different dates

A Special Bridal Packages From Style You Pretty, lots of joy and love and our goal is to create a memorable and blissful wedding.
How can you confirm your makeup artist?
Step 1 - Contact us and send your information.
Step 2 - View our about us to view our artists work. Let us know your preferred choice and availability of the artist for your special day will be confirmed at a later date.
Step 3 - Confirm the booking by paying 50% deposit up front and the selected artist will be assigned to you.
Step 4 - Date and time of the bridal makeup artist will be officially booked.
Step 5 - Before the wedding day, our artist will provide a consultation and trial session upon request.
Step 6 - Have a blissful wedding.

Our Vision "Every One Can Be Beautiful "

Looking for the perfect artist for your wedding day?


Well, you're in luck because Style You Pretty is the only company in Singapore which offers this premium service! This one of a kind program not only provides makeup services but includes hairstyling as well!

Just like our unique scheme, Style You Pretty has an unparalleled capability in delivering consistent, pristine and impressive work. We are equipped with professional and experienced artists who can work hand in hand to create any look that you desire and will suit you the best, concurrently constructing an exclusively focused experience for you.

So what perks can you gain from this program? The process will take half as long given all attention is focused on you and you have complete freedom over the artists who will be in charge of your look for your wedding day.

P.s. This program is given priority in cases in which there are other wedding bookings.

So what are you waiting for? Enlist dual artists today!