Have trouble deciding on your wedding photographer? Here are some things to look out for!

        • Do your research

What ice-cream flavour do you like?

Ben & Jerry's Turtle Soup?

Good Ol' Neapolitan?

Some people might like one, others both and sometimes neither.

This goes to show that everyone has different tastes, everybody has a preference.

The same goes for photography.

Every photographer has a different style and it's always up to you to discover your favourite one to capture the precious moments of your wedding day. Same apply to makeup artists, they have different styles

Here are some styles

    1. documentary


    1. portraiture


    1. fine art


    1. edgy & bold

However, it would be ideal for you to meet up with them to do a trial wedding photoshoot as well- this will give you a gauge on how whether their photography skills can click with your aesthetics and how your personalities do as well.

        • Experience doesn't always guarantee success

While experience in any kind of job is valued, keep in mind the heftiness of a busy work schedule as well. Sometimes, photographers have back to back events and inadvertently might get worn-out by the time they arrive at yours.

Although this factor doesn't necessarily have to be a deciding factor, it's always advisable to check with your photographer's availability.

        • Ask about your rights

Most photographers include in their contracts that they own the rights to all their photos- including the ones of your wedding day. This means most of your posts of your wedding photos will have to bear their watermark, or sometimes if you'd like to print them, you'd need to purchase your rights.

Therefore, always engage with your photographer so you know what you're getting into.

        • Post-wedding contact

Every professional wedding photographer will need time after your wedding to edit your photos. So, to avoid confusion, here are a few questions you can ask them to get a feel of what to expect.

    1. How many photos can I expect?


    1. Will they be high resolution or low resolution?


    1. Will I be able to get prints made myself, or does the photographer retain the rights to the images?


    1. Will the proofs I see be the retouched versions, or does that happen after I select the photos I want


    1. What are the retouching options?


    1. What are the special effects?


    1. What are the additional costs?

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