1. Can I be a professional artist?

Everyone can be an artist. After the course, you will have required the appropriate skills and techniques to make other look and feel beautiful. However, above all, a passion is the most important prerequisite to pursue this career.

2. How long before I can become a professional artist?

Active practice coupled with the right attitude will help you progress. With them, you can become a professional in a few years.

3. Can I work with your organization after the course?

If you have taken interest in being a professional makeup artist or trainer, you will always be welcome. You can join us by emailing us after the completion of your course indicating your interest.  An interview will be set up afterwards.

4. How do I get experience or on the job training during the course?

Our organisation requires extra help for particular projects, so it will be arranged for students taking any applicable course to participate as a form of training.

5. How do I start if I have a full-time job now?

We will have evening classes for working students and you can indicate this when registering for the course.